Roberta Kuriloff is a writer, author, speaker, community activist and former attorney. She has published Everything Special, Living Joy, prose and poems to inspire. Her book is about how we look at life: the glass half empty or half full. The name was inspired by Charlotte Joko Beck’s book Nothing Special, Living Zen.  A short story she wrote, Unearthing Home, was published in the Spring 2020 issue of the Yellow Arrow Publishing Journal called “Home.”

She presently is writing a work of narrative non-fiction about how, as a 39-year old city woman who barely used a hammer, she set out alone to build the home of her dreams in the Maine woods, designing and helping build it.

As a child living in an orphanage she dreamed of being Superman’s daughter flying above earth to save the world’s disenfranchised children, or being the Pied Piper leading the other kids back to their family homes. In later life her legal work centered on families in emotional and financial crisis. She is a founding member of two domestic violence projects as well as an elderly services organization, and was a Hospice patient-volunteer and bereavement workshop facilitator. In between her community work, she makes time to enjoy her passions for writing and dance.

Her inspired writing, with humor and poignancy, reflects her journey of spiritual and personal exploration that gave her a new definition of home as not only a physical place she worked so hard to build, but a place inside her, to take wherever she goes.

She and her spouse, Bernice, have been together for 25 years and happily married since 2013. They live in the home she built in the woods of Maine.

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