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An Adult Prayer from the Child Within:  

Take Back…

God, Creator, Yahweh, Allah – take back Adam.  Redesign him in the spirit of Eve so war would be only a card game.

God – take back human sight for a while, so that we will miss the colors of October and not see the difference between black, white, red and brown.


Goddess – take back linear time, and make it circular, as round and soft as a woman’s bosom or the curves of the mountains, so that humanity will see the consequences of its actions.

Yahweh – take back hierarchy so men and women walk side by side with each other, and with the animals of our earth.

Allah – take back clothes, so women may walk free of covering, no more hiding the beauty of their faces, the pain of their losses, the strength of their bodies.

Creator – take back birth from only women so men will experience their connection to earth and cherish it as one cherishes a child.

Shekinah – take back the order of numbers, so that two is no better than one and Moses no better than Jesus, and Jesus no better than the Buddha.  No first.  No last.  Just circles.

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