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During this 2021 holiday season, many lives have been disrupted or transformed because of Covid as well as recent overpowering weather. How have these past years affected you? I share with you a poem from my book, Everything Special, Living Joy, which, with humor and seriousness, questions our expectations and their affect on how we relate to life and others. What habits or behaviors are you wedded to? Can you let go of attachments? Is your mind more open now than when you were younger? Does it make you reconsider your relationship to yourself and with those you love?

I wish you all an inspirational and treasured holiday season with family and friends – and as you celebrate, please remember to support those who need a lifeline, emotionally and/or financially.


So many weddings I attend!

Hanna is wedded to her eating schedule.

Georgia, to her work ethic.

Bill is wedded to his meditation practice.

Marvin, to being in control.

Aloha is wedded to her freedom to be.

Akasha, to her right not to be.

Fisher is wedded to truth and justice.

Stefina, to worrying about life.

Lawrence is wedded to his fate.

Bonita, to her belief that the world owes her.

Edna is wedded to her right to be heard.

Charles, his right not to hear.

And Finfano, he is wedded to all of the above!

So many divorces I succor!

So many remarriages I attend!

Now we have open marriage or commitment without ceremony.

Whether traditional or nontraditional,

What are we open to? What are we committed to?

Our schedules?  Our expectations?

Our ideals?  Our defenses?

Do our schedules allow for spontaneity?

Do our choices and expectations allow for change?

Do our ideals allow for humility and empathy?

Do our defenses allow us to see and feel?

Who destroys our marriage?


© Roberta S. Kuriloff