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Do you sometimes feel like an octopus, with its tentacles stretching in different directions, not knowing what to do next? Your to-do list too long? You want to go back to sleep?

I hope this poem adds a smile on your face, a laugh, and helps you breathe through the tentacles of your hectic life.

If I Listen

My back appeals I lie down,
My feet ache to let loose and dance,
My nose closes, waiting for help to breathe,
And my back reminds me, if I could breathe
I would not need to lie down.

My cat meows, hold me; my dog barks, walk me
My spouse declares, we need to play more
My engineer brother tells me, read computer books
And my snowshoes shout, use me.

My 500 emails remind me I’m a slowpoke
My desk detests the weight of files on it, masking its wooden beauty
My fingers scratch for a manicure
And my body aches for a massage.

My mind screams, quiet!
Read the books waiting patiently on the coffee table.

But my soul – my soul just asks that I listen – not read or work.

If I listen – I will hear all the knowledge in the books I have no time to read.
If I listen – I will savor harmony and my body will relax.
If I listen – I will not question who I am and what I should do.
If I listen – I will value the sounds of peace.
If I listen – I will be peace.

If we listen – we will be peace.

Do you make time to listen? How do you deal with being overwhelmed? Let’s share and learn together.

2019 © Roberta S. Kuriloff