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Dear Readers,

I share with you a poetically written blog by a friend, Lynnsey Carroll, addressing the fears we are experiencing with the Coronavirus, and the varied choices we have in how we choose to respond. As you may know, I am one who believes in the future, in the strength and personal growth of humans to survive against all odds. In so many crises, the beauty is in the choices we make to come together.

I try to live by the following words: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  French philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Pandemic #2

                                                                                    By Lynnsey Carroll ©

Some will not survive. It could be anyone really, this virus does not discriminate. Not like HIV where some people thought they were immune. Covid-19 can invade anyone’s cells.

Some will think they are safe because they eat a certain way or have no underlying health issues or exercise like mad. They may even be arrogant because they lived through one pandemic. Like cancer, covid does not discriminate. When covid knocks, the door will open, no matter who you are. Maybe being healthier will help your survival rate. Help you handle the invasion a little longer. Ultimately some will still die, even healthy ones.

A corona is “an irregularly shaped pearly glow surrounding the darkness.” Such a beautiful image. What darkness is this corona illuminating? Hatred from past pandemics? Forced isolation, by widowhood or old age or disability or fear? Some say it is leading us to the Aquarian Age. A hard way to get there, true, but we don’t seem to learn with easy steps. This virus is stepping hard on our toes, demanding that we pay attention. What darkness in me is it illuminating? Each to their own.

A corona is the trumpet inside the daffodil. It is the crown of our body. It is a circular chandelier in a church. Faith illuminated in the face of a flower or the soft spot on a babies’ head. In the natural splendor of woods and field and sea.

We have a choice here, to not let hatred bloom again in the face of fear. A choice to choose love at the onset. In that way, maybe all we lost won’t be in vain.

How else can we honor the indiscriminate nature of a virus?  We can reach out, over and over again. We can forgive and begin again. We can find patience with ourselves and our friends and family. We can listen and acknowledge the truth of many voices.

A corona is also a glowing circle of light around an object. How will we each get our shine on? Will we be glowing light of love and caring, or will we be the darkness of hate and false arrogance born from fear? Each moment we choose. We must be honest with ourselves; impermanence is close at hand and time is an illusion. Each moment is all we have. Choose carefully, choose with an open heart.