Thinking Aloud Blog

I bless my mind for not exploding and crashing like a computer from all the data this world expects me to know and understand.

I bless my skin as it ages, appreciating its creases and veins as they become the branches of a graceful Japanese Maple tree.

I bless my ears that grant me the privilege of hearing the sounds of the earth and the words of those who love me.

I bless my arms that can hug and cuddle and blend in love.

I bless the veins, muscles and intricacies of my body, flowing without my conscious attention, yet keeping me conscious and alive when I’m emotionally depleted.

I bless my feet for their desire to walk and prance and take me wherever I want to go.

I bless my legs for allowing me to twist and bend in confusing yoga and Tai-Chi positions.

I bless my heart for being open to trust, for not closing into itself, nor hiding against the fears I face.

I bless my whole body, for its strength in standing up to all the aches and pains it gives me as I age.

Most importantly, I bless all my family and friends, without whom I could not bless myself, as well as those people lacking the ability to do themselves.

What or who do you bless?

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